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If you are on your journey to longer, healthier hair, you may have experienced or feared the hurdle or obstacle of a setback. Setbacks are known to destroy all progress that you’ve made on your hair journey. Tracking your hair journey can sometimes be frustrating,…

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Install a showerhead water filter. Showerhead water filters work just like drinking water filters by enhancing pH balance and filtering out unwanted chemicals. These filters are built into their own showerheads, so just be prepared to replace your entire showerhead. They vary in price depending…

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What is your hair type? Do you know?

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When choosing your hair products it’s extremly importat that you understand your hair type and the special needs your hair has? Celebrity stylist Andre Walker, an Emmy award winner, has created a numerical system for hair typing. This system is used to simplify and provide…

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Natural Hair Dictionary

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University student selecting book in library How many times have you heard the acronyms “TWA,” “BSL,” “APL” or “ACV?” Do you know what they mean? If you’re totally confused, do NOT worry, because we’re here to help with some of the natural hair lingo that…

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Through the propagation of myths and misinformation (“trimming the ends will make your hair grow”), the hair industry has kept us hairless for years – and the popularity of weaves has made our condition worse. Why not fall in love with your hair and experience…

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The Damaging Effects of the Dominican Blowout

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It is said that African-American women make up an estimated Ninety-five percent of the clientele at Dominican hair shops. Dominican salons are known for their signature hair styling technique called the “Blowout.” The blowout includes:  shampoo,  deep conditioned (optional), roller setting the hair, then sitting…

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How to care for your hair in the Summer?

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Summer is finally here and the heat has officially begun to wreak havoc on our hair!  The heat, sun, sea salt and chlorine have our tresses looking dry and damaged.  Dryness is the enemy to our hair, because it leads to breakage.  At Rapunzel The…

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How to minimize shrinkage?

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Kinky/Curly hair can shrink dramatically up to 50-80% of its true length, depending on how tight the curl pattern is. Shrinkage can make hair that falls to the mid back when straightened shrink up to just past the shoulder when it dries naturally after a…

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How to Maintain Your Hair During Exercise?

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How many of you avoid going to the gym, because you don’t want to mess up your hair or sweat it out?  A study showed that 31% of the 103 African-American Women surveyed admitted they exercise less, because it may harm their hairstyle.  Exercise is…

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