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The Damaging Effects of the Dominican Blowout

15 Dec 2011, by Rasheda in Uncategorized

It is said that African-American women make up an estimated Ninety-five percent of the clientele at Dominican hair shops. Dominican salons are known for their signature hair styling technique called the “Blowout.” The blowout includes:  shampoo,  deep conditioned (optional), roller setting the hair, then sitting the client under the dryer to dry. Once the client comes from under the dryer, a round brush is used to blow dry the hair to obtain the finished look. For a more straighter, sleeker style, some Dominican stylists may even add a flat iron to this technique, which is normally done after the blow drying step. This lengthy process applies entirely too much heat to the hair. African-American women tend to flock to these salons because of their low prices and fast walk-in service. Costs for services can range from $25-$55 depending on location. Prices can fluctuate based on other factors such as hair length and whether the hair is chemical-free.

Our mothers warned us: “cheaper is not always better.” The styling technique used in most Dominican salons can cause severe damage and even eventually lead to baldness in African American women if treatments are not performed properly. The stylists often use tightly-bristled brushes which aggressively rip through the hair, pulling and causing breakage. The technique is extremely stressful and damaging to the hair, especially if it has been chemically treated. Repetitive brushing of the hair from the scalp to the ends, and the application of too much heat from dryers and flat irons is drying, damaging and destructive!

The amount of heat that is used can be VERY damaging to ones hair. The blow dryer that is used to straighten and style your hair can have damaging effects on your hair, because your hair was already dried after coming from under the dryer. Always remember:  NEVER blow dry hair that has been already dried. Heat is the worst enemy to our dry hair!! Too much heat makes the hair very brittle and easy to break and results in lost elasticity. Ninety-six percent of American homes have a blow-dryer, but it’s important to blow-dry your hair as little as possible to help retain moisture and not dry it out. Blow dryers range between 750-1600 watts. This excessive heat can damage hair even when used by a trained professional.

To grow long and strong hair, especially relaxed hair, you must keep the moisture content of your hair above 15% percent. The average person’s hair moisture content ranges between 8% to 10%. Yet, due to the styling techniques used on African American hair, such as flat irons, blow dryers, etc…African Americans’ hair moisture content usually falls much lower than the 8% range. This leads to breakage and dryness and makes it difficult for African American hair to grow beyond the nape of the neck. To combat this and increase moisture, African Americans desiring longer hair must start using hair care products that benefit their hair. These products should be high in natural oils, which keep our dry hair moisturized. Rapunzel’s Hair Care products are high in natural oils and it keeps our dry hair moisturized without leaving your hair greasy/oily. Our products will help put the moisture back into your hair where your Dominican stylist’s  blow dryer just depleted it.

For many African-American women, the intense heat technique is not good. Remember moisture needs to be kept in the hair to stimulate growth and nourishment. To prevent damage to your hair when going to the Dominican salons, please do the following:

  • Use your Rapunzel hair care products. Our products and regimen will help to strengthen your hair.
  • Scale your visits down to once or twice a month. Excessive heat on the hair can be very damaging and will lead to breakage.
  • Avoid letting the Dominican stylist dry your hair with the blow dryer every week, if you’re a weekly customer, you are depleting the moisture that you just put in it by washing it!
  • carol Reply

    So how do we do are hair if the blowout is bad we all do not have money to buy rapunzel

    • Carol, you will actually be saving money by limiting the amount of visits to the salon and purchasing Rapunzel’s products. We at Rapunzel encourage our customers NOT to be salon dependent, but instead care for their hair at home or in-between salon visits. The 8oz bottle of conditioner is $18 and the Hair Silk is $15. This is around the same price as one visit to the Dominican hair salon, but instead of one application you will get many. As stated above, eliminating the amount of heat you put on your hair is extremly important. Always remember to put the moisture back in your hair. Also, continue to read the daily tips on the Rapunzel website and facebook fan page. This will help to assure that you are informed of the dos and don’ts of hair care.

  • Eletha Reply

    Thank you for sharing this info, Rasheda. Although I currently do my own hair due to bad salon experiences in the past, I was curious about Dominican salons and the “blowout”. I had to learn the hard way about applying too much heat and overprocessing my hair. About 80% of my hair had broke off due to my ignorance and negligence last year. Since then, I have been researching and through trial and error my hair has grown from pixie length to touching the top of my collarbone. I will eventually buy your products as well as soon as I get some extra money. Seeing the testimonials/pictures are inspiration enough. I also love your length as well. I’m glad that you really care about black hair enough to create something that will help promote hair growth. Again, I thank you!!!