Rasheda Stewart, Owner and founder of Rapunzel, LLC, was born in Weiden, Germany and grew up in San Antonio, TX and Delaware. In 2010, while working full-time and pursuing her second Master’s in Marketing Management (her first Master’s is in Human Resources), she founded Rapunzel, LLC. Rasheda was motivated by a fascination with the qualities and beauty of hair, along with a deep frustration with the mixed messages and inaccurate information propagated by the hair care industry. Energized by her frustration, she consulted with local licensed salon professionals who were unable to provide any accurate information, which would allow her to grow her hair past her shoulders. Shocked, disappointed, and even more aggravated, Rasheda was determined to find the solutions to the historical and never-ending problem of Black hair growth. After extensive reading and researching to educate herself regarding the actual truths about hair, she developed a deep desire to put an end to the myths, misinformation and inaccurate perceptions that certain ethnic groups are unable to grow hair past their shoulders.
After founding Rapunzel, she developed and began producing a new and amazing line of hair care products, carefully designed to promote hair health and growth. These products, coupled with a policy of providing sound advice and educational information through use of various media, would quickly place Rapunzel’s clients well on their way to their goals of obtaining beautiful, healthy hair. Through Rapunzel’s educational program and steady use of their products, Rasheda and her team have begun making an impact in weaning African American women from the unhealthy practices and expensive addiction to wigs, braids, and weaves.

Rapunzel The Future of Hair is continuously researching and learning in order to grow and fulfill the dream of providing a sensible, affordable, and informative pathway to the option of allowing all women to “let down their hair!”

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