Rapunzel the Future of Hair | Testimonials


12/04/2018 – Barbara B. – These vitamins are the BEST EVER! My nails have always been thin and bend like paper. With the exception of wraps on my nails, they have never been strong! After taking these hair therapy vitamins, my nails have gotten as strong as my acrylic wraps. I kid you NOT! I m in my 60s and have never experienced this before! Also, my hair is thicker than ever! I was disappointed when you stopped selling them. I had to get other vitamins with no good results. Glad you’re back! Please don’t ever go away again!
11/28/2017 – Barbara J. – I recently purchased some vitamins at For Sisters Only! I’m here to tell you your vitamins are wonderful. My hair has been growing tremendously. I’m a hair vitamin fanatic. I’ve tried all kinds from biotin, hairfinity, hair gummies etc. By far Rapunzel’s hair vitamins are at the top of the list (The Best)! My hair is pretty long now, but my goal is waist length. I was almost there, but I had a hair set back from dyes and weave, so I had to cut a lot off! I will be using Rapunzel vitamins for my journey and I will keep you updated on my results!
9/15/2017 – Jerrina G. – I have the shampoo, conditioner and hair lotion. They all work perfectly. They leave your hair feeling clean. I’ve noticed immediate new growth from using these products. Will be ordering again soon.
6/29/2017 – Niema A. – The vitamins are an excellent product. I started seeing results immediately. Will definitely purchase again….
5/29/2017 – Nicole T. – Rapunzel’s Hydrating & Detangling Shampoo and Protein Deep Conditioner came highly recommended to use for my hair.
5/27/2017 – Nicole M. – All of your products are amazing! Just promise me that you will be around for a long time! I don’t know what I would do without Rapunzel!!!
I love all of your hair products and your vitamins are amazing! Everything is! This is the only hairline I use and I tell everyone I know about it! I hope you are around for a long…long…time!!! In the meantime, I am looking forward to receiving my Rapunzel products
4/19/2017 – Niece G. – I was a little bit skeptical the first week, because I didn’t see any results, but for some reason I kept on being persistence in taking them. I saw a huge difference in growth and thickness and I must say I am glad I have invested in these bad boys! Anyone who wants to increase length and thickness give these a try! Thank you Rapunzel.
1/31/2017 – Ms. Michelle – Christmas gift for my daughter. She has been using these for about a year now, and she has significant hair and nail growth. I’m ordering more for myself because I’m jealous of her results! Her hair was about 4 inches long before she started taking these. It is now almost 12 inches long in a years time.
1/06/2017 – Sheena – Great hair lotion
11/24/2016 – Amanda J. – Loved this Hair Lotion. Had loads of slip and felt amazing on my hair!
11/17/2016 –Kourtney P. – I can honestly say my hair grew over an inch in just one month! This definitely will be a go to supplement to assist on my hair journey. no breakouts nor negative effects, it just works. Highly recommended :)
(I never write reviews. This one deserves it.)
10/26/2016 –Renee – I absolutely love your deep conditioner! I’ve used it for about 2 years. Love, love, love your products!!!
10/15/2016 –Nikki – I never ever ever bother to write product reviews… But after using this deep conditioner for the first time, I couldn’t resist! My hair not only gets easily tangled, but it’s also extremely protein sensitive. Needless to say I was very leery to try this product. After watching various YouTube videos of women with similar hair types I decided to give it a chance. I’m so glad I did! I have found my holy grail deep conditioner! I was able to detangle with ease and my normally low porosity hair, that’s  hard to get moisture in, suddenly soaked up all the conditioning goodness. It really exceeded my expectations.
9/10/2016 –Tanaija R. – I love your products and your fast shipping is amazing!!! I tried your hair lotion for the first time today and loved it, I love your vitamins and can’t wait to try your deep conditioner. I’ll be restocking my vitamins soon.
9/06/2016 –Charisse A. – Although I’ve already done a review on Amazon about the HairTherapy vitamins, I just can’t say enough about it. My skin is beautiful, my hair is thick and I am just so happy about this product. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to formulate such high quality products that work. I have no sale experience, but your company is one that I’d work for Continued blessings and success to you.
9/01/2016 –Josie N. – I have been using this product for years long before they had retail locations. I am an AVID supporter of the entire line of products, but it is the conditioner that places this line over the top in my eyes. Now, my entire family uses these products, sister, aunts, nieces, (my nephew even though he won’t admit it haha). The customer service is always kind and diligent, and I wish them nothing but continued success.
8/31/2016 –Jy Jy D. –Luv It!!!!!
8/29/2016 –Jy Jy D. –I love the vitamins. They work extremely well with my body, I experienced no breakouts and it seems to make my hair stronger as well. I am very impressed :-)
8/29/2016 –Christina P. – The vitamins are amazing. I had to cut some of my hair, because the shape was growing out too fast.
7/14/2016 –Meshira G. – I love you guys hair vitamins! My hair was a little damaged and I had a lot of breakage, but after a nice trim and taking the vitamins on a daily I see a big difference. Thanks!
7/11/2016 –Ronschelle P. – Love the vitamins, they got a funky smell, but they work great. I’ve already seen improvement in my hair and it’s been about 2 weeks.
6/27/2016 –Latisa – All I can say is WOW!! I ordered the small size, but will be ordering all these products in the 32 oz sizes. Well worth the money!
4/11/2016 –D. Gray – I came across this from the advice from a co-worker who moonlights as a licensed hairdresser. She said it was pricey but good; so I tried the conditioner and the hair silk first because the shampoo contained aloe (and I’m allergic). I’ve neglected my hair due to lack of interest after growing older. However, on the first use along with the silk, made my gray hair sparkle with health and I loved it so much that this year I purchased the larger sizes for my daughter and granddaughter also, so they could re-grow their hair. I even started using the shampoo (with aloe) with no negative reaction from my scalp. I still don’t get a chance to treat my hair extra special (like I used to) but I do enjoy washing it at least twice a week with a minimum of breakage and watching it stay on my head until I decide if I want to style it occasionally…. I Love this product and budget so that we don’t run out (I am definitely curious as to the possibilities of beautiful healthy hair.
2/24/2016 –Charisse A. – I have been using Rapunzel the Future of Hair products since 2011 and I am a very happy customer. When the hair therapy was released I was a little hesitant to purchase as I have tried hair, nails and skin vitamins in the past and had a terrible reaction. I stepped out on faith, as I have achieved such great results with the hair care line and believe in the mission of Rasheda Stewart, the founder of this amazing product line. I have not been disappointed. My skin is beautiful, clear and glowing, while my hair is super soft and I’ve noticed that my hair is shedding less as well. I am a firm believer in this product and hope that one day it’ll be offered on a subscription service, so that I’ll never run out.
2/12/2016 –Cornelia S. – Being a natural for 3 years now I can say this hair care line has changed my hair for the better. I then saw the news of the pills they came out with. So I had to support it! I’ve been taking them and I feel so much better inside. It is a multivitamin so I now have a pill that gives me all a woman needs. But on top of it I also have gotten compliments on my skin looking great! My nails are stronger too! So worth the purchase!
11/30/2015 –Chris – I have been using this hair lotion for about a year or so and I love it, but my hair ADORES it! My hair is very unique, being that is fine but still thick in a sense. This is the only lotion that I have tried that gives my hair the moisture that it needs without weighing it down.
11/05/2015 –Rachel – The hair lotion is absolutely amazing. It just makes my hair so much more manageable. it cuts my detangling process in half. this beats all the other products I used before detangling my hair.
8/20/2015 –Jamie C. – The Hair Lotion really moisturizes my hair without it being really thick and weighing down my hair. I will definitely buy again.
 6/19/2015 –Ruth – Love, love, love the hair lotion. It is truly my holy grail. As long as the product ingredients remain the same, you have a customer for life. Whatever you do, DO NOT ADD GLYCERIN, as that seems to be the trend in natural products.
4/19/2015 Vee – I purchased the shampoo and wow… my natural curls popped out and it felt so soft and detangled. Will be purchasing another one.
4/11/2015 Lisa S. – OMGOODNESS!!! A day of hair pampering included this gem (Protein Deep Conditioner)!! And let me say I LOVE THIS STUFF!! The tingling sensation, the smell and OH THE RESULTS. GREAT product I will continue to use. Thank You, signed customer4life!! :)
 4/10/2015 Hippi3flowers– The Hair Lotion is an amazing product!! Keeps my type 4 hair defined and the frizziness is gone!! Amazing smell, makes my hair soft and manageable, this is my new go to product foreverrr!! Thank you thank you thank you!!
3/15/2015 Alexandria T. – Honestly if it wasn’t for your products and helpful tips on your website my hair would still be a disaster. So, thank you Rapunzel! xoxo
3/07/2015 Shannon D. – I have been using this product for two years. I am quite satisfied with the results.
1/06/2015 L. Denise -The conditioner tingles! And it is totally like butter! You let it sit on your hair for a mere 10 to 15 minutes and you see a change. I shampoo and condition and then take my shower and let the conditioner sit and it works miracles. When I rinse it, it is so soft and brings about my natural feel to  my hair, which is soft anyway, but when I neglect it, it brings it right back. LOVE LOVE LOVE! THIS STUFF IS GOLD! So glad it is in a Maryland store!!! I don’t have to drive from DC to Delaware to get it! Yeah! But shipping is great too!
12/21/2014 Mel Aunya – Thank you for making such great products-after a good cut-I just started my hair journey and your shampoo helped bring back the curls I thought had left my head forever.
12/14/2014 Rita  – I have been a customer since early 2012. And to this day I still get excited when I see that packing tape because I know quality products are inside. I love your products and I love the fact that you take the time to respond to your customers no matter the question.
Thank you
11/26/2014 Dea J. – I was referred to Rapunzel the Future of Hair, through a college friend of the owner, Rasheda. I have struggled since a little girl for getting my hair to grow to a significant length. Getting my cut and style was a 3 year commitment. This is how long it would take my hair to grow back in. I suffered all the time with shedding and constant breakage. Whenever I combed my hair I left a trail. I started using another famous product in which made a difference with the quality of my hair, but no growth. 

It was then when finally I ordered YOUR PRODUCTS! Since ordering in July 2014, I have experienced sufficient hair growth. My hair has grown passed my shoulders and making its way down my BACK! After only purchasing the CONDITIONER & shampoo once! I am completely amazed that I FINALLY have a conditioner that really promotes TRUE growth. 

I know you market for those who have natural hair, but allow me to say my relaxed hair is benefiting from this product! I am currently out of the product, because I’ve been giving samples to my friends to try! I wish your product much success. And hopefully you and your line of products will be known as American Icons! Thank you for producing greatness and growth! 

Ms. Dea
10/27/2014 Charlotte T. –  I finally decided to go natural yesterday and I’m looking forward to the journey ahead. I’ve visited many blogs & watched lots of YouTube video’s, most of with recommended your product line & wished they would have started their journey using your products so I thought, why not start with the best products! : )I cant wait to receive my new products from your company & I’m excited about the change I’ve decided to make wit my hair.Thanks for helping & I look forward to using your product.
10/18/2014 Serena R. – I’m not into taking a lot of hair pills…nor am I a product junkie. I just us what works and Rapunzel works for me! I’m so grateful for your rapid response and advice 🙂 Your business will forever be BLESSED, because you treat your customers like friends 🙂
8/01/2014 Shanelle G. – Was really tired of trying to manage my hair especially, because nothing worked and my husband was tired of me complaining! One night he searched high and low for hair care for me and when I woke up he found Rapunzel! Just so happened she lived in the same state I did!! Read reviews and talked with the CEO and purchased my first bundle! I have never been so pleased to find something that actually works! I thought my hair wasn’t able to grow longer than shoulder length, but when you use the products, your hair can grow as much as you allow it. Love the products, has my hair nice and healthy!!!!
7/07/2014 Adriane T. – I am so happy that Mary C., partner in Rapunzel, introduced me to these products. I have had a few medical issues that started breaking my hair. I started using all four products a few months ago a and I could tell the difference right away. I am so happy with my hair two months later. Not only is it growing, it feels healthy again. I tell everyone I know about the products and decided to comment on facebook so all of you know that these products work.
7/06/2014 Titra H. – My order arrived yesterday, and I promptly used the shampoo, conditioner and hair silk. My hair is colored, but not chemically relaxed. I wear it curly, but typically straighten it, using a blow drier and flat iron. After using the shampoo, my hair was squeaky clean, but wasn’t dry. I used the protein conditioner with my hair steamer, and all that I can say is WOW. When I blew dry my hair, it was so shiny and soft with a noticeably smoother cuticle. I saw no breakage with the heat styling. The hair silk gave my hair added shine, but didn’t weigh it down. I am sold! I love these products, and won’t use anything else…and will buy the hair lotion today.
Thanks Rapunzel!
6/28/2014 Younique – We are loving your products so far. Thanks for the info at Baltimore African American Festival.
6/16/2014 Kymberly S. – I am in love with your products!
5/08/2014 Safiya – I am a licensed stylist and I’m absolutely in love with the shampoo and conditioner.
4/10/2014 Jo E. – Just got my 32oz Deep Conditioner!! Can’t wait to wash my hair! I swear by this product and tell everyone who asks what I use in my hair. Last Summer I deep conditioned regularly and quickly got my hair long enough to the back of my bra. Hoping for these results again as I have been abusing my hair lately! THANK YOU AGAIN
4/08/2014 Jade N. – I just had to let  you know I have been using your Hair Lotion and Rasheda it is absolutely wonderful – completely exceeded my expectations. Thank You!
4/03/2014 Jessica S. – First time hearing of, purchasing and using these products and excuse my language, but this stuff is the $hit!!!!!! MY best friend and I are in love with it!!!!!!!!! Ooh yeah we got it from the Natural Hair Expo in Baltimore on Sunday!!!

3/27/2014 Paule C. – I dont know where to start, but I was recommended by a friend [who said] your product is very good. I was skeptical about the product, but she said it was very moisturizing and healthy. I thought to myself, there are so many products out there that is very moisturizing and healthy for your hair. I’m not working at the moment so I wanted to give it a try. Today, I went and purchased the Protein Deep Conditioner and the Hair Lotion. I had tears in my eyes, because I battled with dry scalp for years and every time I [would wash my hair I would experience] dry flaky scalp a few hours after. I tried every product on the market including: Head & Shoulders, Sulfur, Apple Cider Vinegar and nothing worked. Until today, after I did my deep protein treatment…OMG!! Goodbye dry hair and flaky scalp. It’s been about 8 hours now and no itchy feeling. I feel so free. The product it amazing.

2/24/2014 Lindsey A. – I like the Protein Deep Conditioner! It smells great and my hair doesn’t feel hard or anything after use. I think the part I like the most is the peppermint component. It makes my scalp tingle. I also like it because it’s a light protein I can’t take those hardcore protein treatments like Aphogee 2 step.
2/13/2014 Tamara B. – I meant to tell you…I absolutely lovvvvveeeeee your hair lotion…my hair is usually so dry and brittle that stuff is amazing!!!! I keep telling [my husband] to feel my hair…lol.
2/09/2014 -Marchelle C.– Best hair care products for growth, shine and easy hair management!
2/09/2014 -Charisse A.- I started with the protein deep conditioner in 2010 and I love it! The shampoo leaves my scalp so clean and refreshed. The hair lotion is my favorite product! It not only moisturizes my hair, but it defines my curls beautifully without the crunch 🙂 and it smells good too!

2/07/2014 -Tia
 D. – Tonight was the first time I used my Deep Protein Conditioner. I love the way it smells, how it makes my scalp feel, and the way it leaves my hair feeling. This is an awesome product!

LaKisha T. – I am now a permanent customer and hooked on these products!
01/17/2014 –William E. (Celebrity Stylist for VH1′s Love & Hip Hop) – I love this product line and my clients do too. The shampoo elevates the scalp issues that people have; men, women, no matter what race, it’s beautiful. The conditioner is a God send, because of it’s strengthening properties along with the incredible moisture. Because it’s so rich, I use a nickel size amount for the entire head of a white or Asian woman, especially great for high lift blondes.
12/27/2013 Allison L. – I used my Hair Lotion for the first time and I love it!!! I am now using all 3 products with each wash and my hair has grown considerably and is healthier. Thank you!
12/21/2013 –Nicole B. – This Hair Lotion is the truth!! My hair is super shiny and feels super moisturized OMG! I also, love the ingredients. I’m super impressed.
12/17/2013 –Sheka B. – These product have worked wonders for my hair.
12/2/2013 –Jakia D. – A month ago I ordered your products for the first time and received a broken Hair Lotion bottle pump [during transit], not only once I notified you of the issue did you send me a new pump within a few days, but tonight I just received a brand new Hair Lotion wrapped to ensure it got delivered in the same way it was shipped. I love your customer service Rapunzel. And because of it and the fact that I’m in love with the products already, I have introduced my family and I myself will continue to be a faithful customer. Keep up the good work!!
11/26/2013 –Erica R. – Your Hair Silk is wonderful, nothing has ever made my hair this soft and shiny without being greasy. Being natural usually if I flat iron it, it has to be washed within the week, it has now lasted 2 weeks and is gorgeous, moisturized not heavy and still shiny.
11/19/2013 –Rita B. – I’ve been using your products for about a year and a half – I am so in love! And this new Hair Lotion…AMAZING!!! Thank you for all you do!

11/19/2013 –Danielle C. – This Hair Lotion “Deep moisturizing cream” is everything. Not too heavy, no build up and the scent is delicious!!! If you’re looking for a hair line that promotes healthy, long hair please try it. You will not regret it.

11/19/2013 –Destini W. – I was just able to use the Hair Lotion tonight!!!! OMG! I love it. I swear I could eat it. The smell is so good! You are an amazing woman. Congratulations on another fantastic product. You rock!

11/17/2013 –Kelly T. – I have found the best way to use the Rapunzel Hair moisturizer. I use it on my wet hair to set and it goes right into the hair cuticle. When I roller set or flatiron after taking the rollers out it is oh sooooo soft and moisturized. Everyone that touches my hair is like OH MY GOODNESS. This is def a winner. Now, I see what took you so long in formulating it. It is hair goodness.

11/15/2013 –Courtney R. – I first saw Rapunzel on instagram and honestly, the results that I saw seemed to be too good to be true. I went to the before and after page and I was surprised when I saw one of my sorority sisters (Dawn E.) showing off her results. But that wasn’t good enough for me, I had to reach out to Dawn just to “double check.” Dawn confirmed the amazing results and I was convinced this was the product for me. I started using the product during the summer (and I wasn’t straightening my hair) but I had a TERRIBLE setback in October when the first time I had it straightened, had about five to six inches of my hair on the floor in addition to having an extremely uneven cut. In the last month, my hair has really flourished using Rapunzel. I have posted pictures of my progress on facebook and instagram and all my friends are interested in purchasing products. I’m so happy with the results. Thank you for pursing your passion…you are awesome.

11/07/2013 –Kelly T. – I received my Rapunzel Hair Lotion and I have tried some and so far I am IMPRESSED. LOL I am cheering for yu all the way from Jersey. :) Oh and the scent is FABU! I can’t stop smelling it.

11/06/2013 –Keisha P. – You have really did it this time, the Hair Lotion smells so good!!! My daughter just asked me if I could wash her hair right now…LOL.

10/30/2013 –Disheka B. – I washed and condition my hair with your products…I loveeeeeee it. I can’t wait to run out to order more. You are the bomb.com. My hair is so soft and shiny without using any oil based products.

10/29/2013 –Sierra C. – My hair growth has made a lot of progress!! Transitioning from a short cut and a [relaxer] to being natural now was not always easy, but I found out that I do not even need a relaxer. I was told my hair looks like a wig lol. Thanks to my wonderful genes lol, Rapunzel The Future of Hair products! I absolutely love your products!!! Thank you for creating such a wonderful product…now it’s time for me to re-up!

10/21/2013 –Alexandria T. – Honestly the best product ever! I started this journey of really taking care of my hair after coming across the instagram. All my basketball teammates doubted me about the products but i was determined to show them. So i wash every 3 days with rapunzel shampoo while also moisturizing with castor oil and deep conditioning with Rapunzel. I wear weave tho i still wash my leave out as followed. Throughout this process iv’e found drinking a lot of water and taking my vitamins while using the products have taken me long ways. I’d Definitely recommend this product to anyone and everyone. Be consistent and you will see results.

10/07/2013 –Akira G. – So, I just used the Hair Silk on my straightned hair for the first time…LOVE IT!!!! My hair feels soft, silky and not greasy!!!

10/03/2013 –Renee B. – Omg Honey, let me just tell you that I am blown away by this shampoo and conditioner. I never smelled shampoo and conditioner that smells so good. I washed my hair with the shampoo and it felt so good. I felt like my hair was dancing because of how wonderful the shampoo is. I have the conditioner on my head deep conditioning now and and it feels so good. This will be my shampoo and conditioner for life. I have only used it once but I am blown away. I do not even get happy over products that often lol.

09/21/2013 –Lasheena M. – I love your hair products. I have been using it for 2 weeks now. My hair has never been this soft before in my life.

08/18/2013 –Natonya M. – I used your products for the first time yesterday and I love how soft and light my hair feels! Braid out came out great! Thanks! :-)

08/12/2013 –Shirley H. – I love your products and have seen the length of my hair change in a few months.

08/10/2013 –Keshia P. – I can’t wait to try the new product. I ran into a lady yesterday who told me my hair was beautiful and asked what’s my secret. I told her no secret just try Rapunzel Hair Products! I told her I wash, condition, moisturize it and use the the hair silk at night on my ends before twisting it up. I wake up take the twist out and go. Thank you Rasheda Stewart!!! You made my transition easy my relaxer is now gone & I didn’t do the big chop!! (Big Hug)

08/09/2013 –NaNoska P. – I just want to say that I love your products! I can see a major difference in my hair. I can’t wait to order more! Keep it up ;-)

08/06/2013 –Bria M. – Love your products! Everyone keeps commenting on how healthy my hair is growing out. Thick and full all over even where I once had eczema. Shiny and growing more every week!

07/31/2013 –Quianna B. – So I used [my] Rapunzel products and I absolutely love them. I am probably gonna get a bigger conditioner, because I used quite a bit. It literally melted my tangles. My last relaxer wa s in April. I am relaxed, so I hope this helps my hair get pass my shoulders. I deep conditioned udner my hydracap and hot towel. Detangled with my Tangle Teezer and lost almost no hair. Air dried my hair and did a braid out with the Hair Silk. Awesome.

07/28/2013 –Arielle M. – I just started using your products and I’m completely in lovvveeeee…lol keep up the excellent work, you’re going to go very far!

06/23/2013 –Sharon S. – I swear to you all that since I have been using your Protein Deep Conditioner my shedding has stopped. I am amazed…

06/19/2013 –Jamea H. – I’ve had a bald spot in the back of my head since I was a little girl. Earlier this week I was telling my best friend about your products. I told her I felt hair on that area. She looked and there is GROWTH!!!! All these years and nothing. Yet, a month after using Rapunzel I have some fuzz…If I ever see you I’ll give you the biggest hug!! You have a customer for life!

06/18/2013 –Erika S. – I just wanna say I purchased the deep conditioner and hair silk and I love it!!! OMG my hair was so easy to detangle after using the conditioner. I followed the directions and used the hair silk on my ends twice a day. I did this a week ago and my natural hair is soft as cotton. My hair has never been this silky ever and I’ve been natural [for] 2 years. I’ve tried every products under the sun. I’m shocked my wash and go lasted a week and [I] didn’t have to apply any product [except] the hair silk on my ends. You have a customer for life. Thank you so much!

06/07/2013 –Mercedes D. – I love your products! I’ve been using it for four weeks and my hair looks so much healthier and it’s growing. Thank you sooooooo much! :)

05/27/2013 –Sharon S. – LOVE your Protein Deep Conditioner! Thanks… ♥

03/19/2013 –Charisse C. – I really think that my salon uses shampoos with sulfates. Every time I get my hair washed my scalp is so dry. When I use my Rapunzel, which I am using now, my hair and scalp feel so clean, hydrated and refreshed. So love Rapunzel and how it has changed my hair.

03/13/2013 –Dana S. –  I have used your products for a week & 1/2 now. I’m greatly pleased. My hair is natural (4a/4b) for a year & almost 3 months.  My hair feels soft, has extra healthy shine & just compliments my inner glow.  My hair was easy to manipulate & I have not experienced that for quite some time. Thank you, wishing you both great success, & God’s glorified blessings.

From one entrepreneur to another…go make it happen!

03/08/2013 –Shantise D. – My daughter loves the product as do I and she begged me to order more. She refuses to use anything else on her hair. Thank you for creating such an awesome product.

02/26/2013 –Candice D. – I have been using my[Rapunzel products] for almost a month. This weekend was the first time I actually blew it out – I have gotten so many compliments about how healthy my hair looks.

02/12/2013 –Janelle D. – I can’t wait for [the] moisturizer either! I love, love the products. My hair has never been this long. Best products ever!!!

02/02/2013 –Candice K. – [I’ve] been using this product since this Summer. I get so many compliments about how healthy my hair looks and feels! You would never know a year prior I had a bob with my side shaved and wearing weaves for almost a year!

01/28/2013 –William E. (Celebrity Stylist for VH1′s Love & Hip Hop) – I have received the package of products and used it on commercial hair and relaxed hair after a relaxer and I have to admit it worked very well. I haven’t had to use the silver after I rinsed out the conditioner. The hair was moisturized, shiny and had great movement. You girls have something pretty great on your hands.

01/10/2013 –Brooke J. – You are the absolute BEST!!! Rasheda, I encourage everyone to use your product!!!! I just started using your product on Sunday and I can already feel a difference in my hair!!! I just love the fact that you take the time to talk to your customers and give them tips!!! Keep doing your thing girl…can’t wait to see what else you have in store!!! XO

01/06/2013 –Charisse C. – Did my Rapunzel this morning! I love how the shampoo and deep conditioner compliment one another. My scalp feels so clean and fresh! I used the new pink paddle brush, have me a great scalp massage and its pretty too. :-) I use the hair silk in my spray bottle, with a few drops of rose water and h2o. I am loving my natural hair! So many women are complimenting me and wanna be natural too. This is definitely a movement. I tell them Rapunzel the Future of Hair is where to start. Thanks a million Rasheda Stewart!

01/02/2013 –Shana R. – I’m on my 3rd shampoo and my hair has totally changed, honesty! I’m a professional hairstylist and I’m incredibly impressed with the results of your products! I’ve gotten so many compliments on my hair! Just beautiful, thank you!

12/23/2012 –Keisha P. – Used the products last night my hair is beautiful and flowing for the holiday. Also makes great holiday gifts…..Love the products…Thank you Rasheda Stewart for creating these awesome products. Happy Holiday!!!

12/22/2012 –Sidonie S. – Thank you! I literally ordered my products no greater than 72 hours ago (-3 days) and they are all in hand. I have to say the quickest shipping service I have ever had. Now to get  [to] the washing.

12/21/2012 –Jocelyn W. – I used the products last night! All I could say was, OMG! My hair feels sooo soft and nice! I’m relaxed (lightly) and my hair is coarse. I can’t wait to use it on my daughter’s natural hair! Your product is awesome!

12/11/2012 –Michelle M. – I’ve used my Rapunzel products twice since I received them last week and I’m amazed at the results! 1st use was first time my natural hair wasn’t tangled and it was so easy to comb through. Today, 4 days later, used it again and the shampoo instantly brought out the waves and curls of my natural hair and my hair is even softer. My hair has a lot of sheen too! Now, I use hair mayonnaise with any conditioner, but the results haven’t been like this! I enjoyed the tingling conditioner. I can only imagine how my hair will feel when I get a new hooded dryer.

12/08/2012 –Shantise D. – My daughter tried the shampoo, conditioner and the Hair Silk today. Her hair is soft and she said that combing the hair after washing it was a breeze. I luv the way her hair looks. It looks health. You have a customer for LIFE!

12/04/2012 –Shana B. – I received my package today! I have been using your products for a couple of months now and I love what it has done to my hair. My hair length is now the longest it has ever been. [I] could never never get it past shoulder length and now I’m at armpit length!

11/25/2012 –Tricia G . – Rasheda, I wish I had a photo of my hair after my health issues and before I started using Rapunzel. With all the meds, I never thought I’d have a healthy head of hair again, but look! Thanks my Dear, you & Rapunzel have helped me to recover my Glory (my hair).

Luv Ya, Blessings of Continued Success!
Lady Tricia Gibson

11/25/2012 –Dominique S . – I cannot stop raving about Rapunzel. I tell everyone about it. Hands down the BEST thing I have ever used. I threw everything else away. Finally found something that WORKS! I saw a difference in my first use. So far I have been using it for about 2 months and couldn’t be happier with the results. I may even stop getting relaxers and I said I would never do that.

11/19/2012 –Roget M . – Miss Rasheda!!!! I absolutely love the deep conditioner. My normally parched hair was soft & manageable, after using [the] conditioner. I just want to THANK YOU for providing a hair product that does absolutely what it says it will do. I’m blessed to have come across your website. I wish you much success :-)

11/05/2012 –Leia R . – [I’m] officially in LOVE with Rapunzel products! [I did] length checks for both [my natural and straighten hair].  I got a tiny trim today just to get rid of knots from my fro and start fresh. My hair is so shiny and light! Moisturized, but not oily and super soft. My hair wasn’t this soft even when I had relaxer years ago. Rapunzel thank you sooo much for introducing this product to African American women. With my hair being straight, wavy and curly it’s been difficult to find something that works for my entire head without making it have too much product buildup or being dried out. This is a deam come true!

11/04/2012 –T’Ajsa J. – I have natural hair and this product has made me so happy with my hair! It’s growing in so nice and strong! I was in Elements hair supply store a mont ago and overheard a customer telling the woman how she was bald last year and only uses Rapunzel and her hair is soooo nice and that’s what made me try it. I am beyond happy with the results! I recommend the product to all of my African American co-worker and those who have used it are in LOVE! You created liquid gold for us! Thank you ♥♥♥♥

This is an awesome product! My hair has life again! I used to be a product [junkie]! I can throw away all of my items now, because I’ve found my hair mate!

10/26/2012 –Angel F. – Your products are really a household name!

10/26/2012 –Mimi M. – I got my order today and used the shampoo, deep conditioner and hair silk for the first time. I had to write and say thank you, thank you, thank you. I don’t remember my hair ever feeling so soft and healthy, I can’t keep my hands out of my hair tonight. I am so happy that I decided to try Rapunzel products.

10/23/2012 –Tammy B. – Love the products. The conditioner did wonders for my curls. My only issue is I didn’t buy enough deep conditioner…logging in now to get the bigger size! Thanks :)  

10/19/2012 –Jalea R. – Thank you and I love Rapunzel! Best deep conditioner I ever used!!

10/18/2012 –Fallon M. – I hope you make millions on your products :) my hair won’t stop growing and I love it.

9/30/2012 –Gwendolyn B. – Team Rapunzel: I consider Rapunzel to be a miracle for Black hair. I have tried many products over the years and I must say I have never experienced anything like Rapunzel. My Granddaughter [and I] both have extremely dry hair. Well, after the very first use…I can honestly say we no  longer have dry hair. Rasheda God has given you the formula for us, Black Women. I stand behind you and the product you created. It truly works! I thank God for you. There are more products to come. I will be a user for life. Go Team Rapunzel!

9/12/2012 –Fallon M. – Best stuff I’ve ever used for my natural hair SMH, I wish I would have had it years ago.

9/12/2012 –Jessica M. – So, I’ve been using the Rapunzel hair care system for about two weeks now. I must say I absolutely LOVE the hair silk. My hair, which even with a relaxer, is normally very tangled at the ends. Since I’ve been using the hair silk, along with the conditioner and shampoo, my ends have been easy to manage.

9/12/2012 –Brynia J. – Your product works! Now, I will admit I have weaved and braided my hair so my results could’ve been far more better, however my hair is the longest it has ever been! When people compliment me on my hair I pay homage to your product! I just wanted to thank you for obeying and trusting God! You really are making Black women more confident in their beauty just by their hair! My hair is true rough dry African hair there is nothing silky or straight about this mane, but thanks to you I have trained it up in the way I want it to go! Just wanted you to know that you are on the right track and to keep pushing and allowing God to use you!


Brynia! :-)

9/11/2012 –Dee R. – I used all 3 products and [I’m] not disappointed at all. Startered with ear length hair last Oct. now [my hair is down] to my shoulders.

9/06/2012 –Kimberly D. – Hello, I am a licensed cosmetologist, educator and salon owner in August, GA, and I have been using this products for a little over a month. I love love love it and my clients do as well! They have seen a major difference in their hair. I highly recommend it. I have done my own research and researching in reference to promoting healthy hair.

9/01/2012 –Marion S. – Hello Rasheda, I met you this morning in the store. I was purchasing your product for my sister who lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. After I purchased your product for my sister…I went to my car and began to read about your hair care system. I was so impressed that I immediately returned to the store and purchased all three products for myself. Best of luck…and thanks for doing what you do! I think this was meant for me!

8/29/2012 –Fallon M. – I bought your hair product yesterday and I tried it and it is amazing, thank you so much. :-)

8/29/2012 –Sadine S. – Thank you Rapunzel! I received the products for my daughter’s hair and we have used them twice now. I love it! I even sent the products with her to her hair appointment…and YES…her stylist commented too! It made her hair a lot more manageable!

8/23/2012 –Jerrina M. – I washed tonight…oh and it felt so good. :-) I think my hair is getting used to [your] products. I did add the water based moisturizer and my hair is holding more moisture. Yes, my hair is becoming healthier. I’m so excited. :-)

8/18/2012 –Mika A. – My hair is so shiny. Love the products continuing to spread the word.

8/06/2012 –Nyla B. – Your products are amazing! I cannot keep my hands out of my hair! I don’t even have to put a flat iron to it like I used to have to do! Wow thank you so much Rapunzel! #in love

8/04/2012 –Denishia T. – I just received my shampoo and conditioner and I look forward to using your products. I’ve been transitioning for over a year and a half and today I finally did the big chop. I look forward to being added to the before and after gallery ;) . Thank you for such an amazing product.

8/04/2012 –Michelle M. – I have been using all 3 products since Mother’s Day. It was a gift. After I tried it I fell in love. Buy it…use it. I’ll never want to use anything else…Love you Rapunzel!

7/25/2012 –Erica S. – Now that I have used [Rapunzel]. I wished I would have used it 5 yrs ago. I lovvvvvvvvve it. I can feel the difference in just one use. No more weaves and perms for me.

7/25/2012 –Giovanna A. – I love love this product! I have natural straight hair, but I had a phase where I used to dye it and use other harsh chemicals..it looked nothing but straight of how damage it was…now it’s back to its normal state! or at least really close to it.!!!!!! I will definitely purchase this product again!

7/24/2012 –Nikkia G. – Hi I just wanted to let you know that I love the deep protein conditioner that I purchased at this year’s Natural hair show in Atlanta. You and your staff was very helpful in answering my questions when it came to hair and using your products. I really love how it makes my hair feel and it makes detangling a lot easier for me. Thanx for such a good product.

7/19/2012 –Greg G. – I still remember the night I found you Rapunzel. I was close to not sending wifey the link to your site and just surprise her with a package in the mail of your products. I’m glad she on them now cause it takes her no time to do her hair. And its healthy/sexy looking! Thx 

7/18/2012 –Tiffany S. – I am AMAZED which doesnt happen often cause I’ve never been too big on how my hair looks or feels. I bought all 3 products, the shampoo, conditioner and hair silk. If you’re not buying it..you need to think again. Rapunzel has single handedly REVOLUTIONIZED hair care.

7/16/2012 –Tiffany S. – Just ordered my shampoo, conditioner, and moisturizer on Fri and its due to arrive today [Mon]. Im pleased by the experience and professionalism already. I’m washing tonight cause this pregnancy has reaked havoc on my hair.

7/04/2012 –Charisse C. – Rasheda Stewart,  thank you for creating a beautiful line of products, for educating us on how to use the products and to care for our hair. As beautiful as people tell me my hair is, it took me many years to embrace and love my hair. In the past, I have worn weaves, braided extensions and used relaxers, never really knowing the damage and breakage all that nonsense causes. You have helped me to love my naturally curly hair.

Thank you!

6/12/2012 –Jessica D. – I finally bought the new shampoo! I usually wash my hair on the weekends but I received it in the mail yesterday so I washed and styled my hair late last night even though I was tired and had a very long day. I couldn’t wait to try it. My hair feels so clean and healthy. I love your products!

5/08/2012 –Aisha H. – ”Rapunzel Hair Care” would be an even bigger success in Chicago, IL, and I would like to promote your product, whereas I have a flare for catching peoples attention. All I need is the training about the product.

My order was recieved on 5-7-12 and Im more than excited about the results. My hair is soft with a shine, and no breakage of hair in the sink.

My daughter couldnt keep hair hands out my hair, and It only took 1hr to wash n style.

I hope to hear from you soon, and again thank you. My hair problems are solved.

5/07/2012 –Ronnell N. – As a consumer I expect to receive automated voice mail from the businesses…but today I received a phone call from Rasheda-Owner and she was incredibly helpful. Rasheda resolved my concern immediately and did so in a positive manner. GREAT Customer Service!! Thank you Rasheda:) More than just The Future of Hair….A Future Of Great Business!

4/03/2012 –Danielle D. – Used the shampoo for the very first time last night. Needless to say, I’m in love. With a week’s full of product in my hair, the shampoo lathered like no other on the first wash. It smells good, feels good on my scalp, and left my hair detangled and squeaky clean. Great job Rapunzel!!!

3/12/2012 –Nadine W. – ‎I’m dying to receive the shampoo, after a week the middle of my hair has grown when before it would constantly break and was half the length of my middle finger now it’s the length of my middle finger and i have some long fingers so, can’t wait till the end of the month to see.

3/11/2012 –Ebony T. – Just wanted to tell you I’m about 4 inches past my hair goal now!!!! I’m going to have to purchase your shampoo ♥ my hair is still healthy and looking good, I was in philly yesterday and I had 3 people ask if my hair was weave or did I have some pieces in, go me! Lol

3/10/2012 –Melinda C. – Last night I got my Rapunzel Shampoo!! SIKED! Used it today and OMG… my hair is very thick and curls up as soon as I put shampoo in it. The Rapunzel detangled my hair and made it sooooo soft. I love it! After I conditioned my hair and went to blow dry it, it was such an easy process! Rasheda Stewart thank you for making such a great product! I can’t wait to use it on my daughter’s hair! #happycustomer

3/01/2012 –Shalena B. – One of the best places for healthy hair education!

2/22/2012 –Delisha W. –  Rapunzel, I was turned on to your products by Cacia (whom is basically family). I just ordered my hair products on Thursday and received them on Saturday. Very impressive. I was expecting to wait at least a week but was pleasantly surprised. I love the conditioner and hair silk. My hair has always been dry and lacking shine. Over the last few days I have received many compliments from coworkers about how shiny and healthy my hair looks. I am excited about my healthy hair journey.

2/18/2012 –DaLynne V. – Went to the Dominican’s for the first time and got my hair done with my Mommy. I was pleasantly shocked that my hair is down to the base of my neck. Thanks to Rapunzel my hair is growing, but it still looks like my Mommy’s hair!

1/30/2012 – Tracie L. – My hair has grown [as well as my daughter’s]. [My] friends and family can’t believe our hair looks the way it is in it’s “natural state” :-) Take care and we thank you! Hope to see you in D.C. again soon.

12/12/2011 – Rishona G. – This is some of the best conditioner our there!!!

12/02/2011 – Sheila H. – The best hair care products. I have been natural for 3 years, started using Rapunzel about a year ago and the results are phenomenal. I suggest all women of color to invest in yourself by purchasing these products. You won’t be disappointed.

11/23/2011 – Kelli R. – Absolutely love the deep conditioner, I’ve seen such a difference in my hair in such a [short] time!

11/20/2011 – Azziza B. – I just began using the conditioner and hair silk 3 days ago, and I cannot keep my hands out of my hair. Thank you!

10/26/2011 – Angela H. – Educating women about hair care.  Love it!!

10/19/2011 – Jerome J. – Amazing personality of owner standing behind an awesome product.

10/15/2011 – Tara H. – My friend Rayshon turn[ed] me on to your product. Word of mouth helps when you have a satisfied customer.

10/11/2011 – Carlita C. – Hello! I used your protein deep conditioner once (a friend let me use hers) and my hair was so shiny and silky a co worker said wow your hair look blackenese/blasian, a term for Black and Asian. My hair is past my shoulder but I am aiming for waist length hair so if you ever need a model for before and after pictures please contact me ASAP! I am about to order your products today and see if I get great results as far as the growth is concerned since I already used it once and got silky results! I can not wait until I start using Rapunzel on a consistent basis. God bless you and thank you for educating women on HEALTHY HAIR CARE!!

9/29/2011 – Elaine J. – Thanks for having this [web]site active and accessible.

9/28/2011 –  Nicole C. – I LOVE what your products are doing for my hair!! It’s longer, thicker and healthier. My husband, mother and close friends that see me all the time have noticed the difference and they are surprised with how quickly it has worked!! My husband jokes and says will it work for him…he’s very bald. Lol

9/24/2011 – Opal P. – Just want to let you know how much I absolutely love your conditioner. It is the best and I am now a fan for life! Thanks so much!

9/18/2011 – Barber from S-K Barbershop – It does wonders! My mom use[s] it and her hair grew like crazy!

9/12/2011 – Kelsey C. – One of the best products ive ever used! :)

9/06/2011 – Tricia G. – My hair is looking great! After my illness and being on lots of medication, I didn’t think my hair would ever be long & healthy again, but it’s looking beautiful!!!!

8/26/2011 – Natasha W. – I just wanted to say I love your product! I’ve been following your regimen and its only been a week, but I honestly can tell a huge difference in the way my hair texture feels! It’s more manageable and I keep hearing how healthy it looks! Thank you.

8/18/2011 – Shannan T. – Trust me ladies the conditioner is no joke! It is wonderful! I love washing my hair just to use the conditioner. I cannot wait for the shampoo. Since using the Rapunzel regimen my hair is stronger, longer and much more manageable.

8/07/2011 – Shalena B. – Hey, Rapunzel! I have been using your product[s] for almost 2 months and I have seen a healthy difference. I do the weekly regimen as you’ve suggested and I’ve been staying away from the excessive heat. I keep my ends moisturize with the hair silk and my hair is becoming healthy again and it’s growing! I’ll post progression pics soon. Thanks for your product and information! Before I started using your products, my hair had become yucky. My sister told me that my hair had lost its beauty and I had to agree with her. But it’s regaining its beauty. I have been doing the half wigs and doing lose braids in the back of my hair because I’ve been adamant about putting as little heat as possible on my hair. This works for me and it’s giving my hair a break and chance to regroup. I go to the salon every week. I bring my own shampoo (sulfate free), conditioner (Rapunzel), and the hair silk. They wash me, deep condition me, then apply the hair silk before they roller set me under the hair dryer and that’s it. They don’t blow my hair out or anything. This is working for me and I plan to rock the wigs as long as I feel my hair needs to rebuild. Your products are truly a blessing!

8/05/2011 – Jerea S. Okay, so I [relaxed] my hair, because I could not manage it after a whole year, but guess what? Rapunzel works wonderful for my hair this way. I’m shinning all over the place. I love my hair!

7/21/2011 – Shakinna N. I am so in love with your products! I should have bought a 32 oz! I’ve only used the conditioner twice but that tingle is serious lol. I will [be] dedicate[d] to only using your products for a yr to see my growth. I still dont know how to care for my natural hair and often want to [relax] it.

7/05/2011 – Monique L. I  just wanted to say I have used your conditioner 2 times so far and I love it.. I am confident with your conditioner and your simple and effective regimen that my hair is going to be healthy, long and strong and im finally gonna meet my hair goal of Arm pit length.

6/27/2011 – Raushanah B. Received my products and I absolutely LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE the hair silk…it does NOT weigh my hair down and makes it shiny and silky. To be natural, that’s a HUGE factor when I purchase products. I like my hair to flow and be bouncy. THANKS!!!

6/27/2011 – Nikita B. I ordered your product about a month ago for me and my 2 daughers and I love it our hair is so much more managable and I love how silky it feels and healthy it looks. Its time for me to reorder and I wanted to [know] if you had any distrutors in maryland.

6/08/2011 – Michelle W. – I’ve been using your conditioner since we met at the expo in Wilmington back in April and its been a real success. I can’t wait for your shampoo to come out!

5/27/2011 – Shavonna T. – OMG for the first time since I was a kid my bangs are now past my chin!! Thanks to having healthy hair care!! :-)

5/27/2011 – Joy A. – Sheeeedaaa!!! Just dropping by to say keep doing what you’re doing!!! Your products work. I just noticed I passed shoulder length [by] sticking with your Rapunzel regimen. It works. :-)

5/27/2011 – Shontia D. – I just started using your products and I love the conditioner!

5/23/2011 – Charisse C. – Hi Rasheda! I wanted to give you an update. I love your deep conditioner! It’s smells so good and works better than any I’ve ever tried. The hair silk is wonderful too! My hair is soft and shiny and I love it. I’m using the shampoo [you recommended]. It’s a great product too. Thank you so much for your knowledge and guidance in the right direction for the long term health of my hair. And yes I am washing my hair every 3 days! Sending a friend request too! Have a wonderful day!

4/16/2011 – Shannan T. – today i washed, conditioned with the rapunzel deep conditioner, used the hair silk and then dusted my ends. this is the best my hair has felt in forever. the hair silk is so light, the conditioner is tingly. i love it. im only mad that i didnt buy a bigger size.

3/30/2011 – Karon S. – Wow!! I got my Rapunzel conditioner yesterday and used it tonight. It came in so quick. I must say I absolutely LOVE this conditioner! The feeling it gives my scalp and the smell are awesome. Now I am ready to order the shampoo. When do you think it will be coming out? Will you let me know when it’s available. I want to get some of this stuff ASAP. Thank you for a wonderful product and excellent service.

3/24/2011 – JayeJaye – Rasheda girl, I got to testify, girl this conditioner is the BOMB! You have just created some TNT for us sisters and God is going to cause you to blow up big in no time flat.  As Bishop TD Jakes, put it so well, “Get Ready, Get Ready, Get Ready….” The blessings are taking you over even now.

I have used the conditioner twice so far and I did a couple of You Tube videos to let my friends know. I believe a few of them will be checking you out, if they have not already done so.  God has too much work for you, young lady, so the devil has no choice but to get his butt out of your way.  We bind satan right now in the NAME of JESUS and proclaim total healing and restoration for your spirit, soul and body.  Continue to fight the good fight of faith, because you know that you have already won, because we win and win big with JESUS on our side. No weapon formed against you shall prosper…

Much love and peace to you!

3/24/2011 Constance R. – Hi Rasheda i got your products today in the mail and i used them tonight and i love love love them both. The oil and conditioner. You have got something there and just keep doing what you are doing and don’t let that devil try to stop you just rebuke him because he is busy cause his time is running out. But any way i will be back for more.

3/02/2011 – Nikki P. – Hello I just started using Rapunzel and I love tha way my hair feels it doesn’t have that dry feeling to it like it did before.

2/14/2011 – DaLynne V. – “Hey Rupunzel, just wanted to let you know that my mother and I are still going strong.  My mom is 13 weeks out from the creamy crack and gets compliments on her hair that it looks healthier and is growing.  My hair is growing, but I have a suggestion.  Have you thought about selling the Hair silk in a 1oz. bottle as a travel/trial size for people like me that are on the run and if I haid the hair silk in my pocketbook I would never miss a treatment.  It would really help me out and I am sure others would like as well……just a thought !!!!”

2/07/2011 – Ashley A. – OMG! I am in LOVE with your protein deep conditioner! I ordered it and used it today and you can definitely feel the tingle of peppermint, but it leaves my hair sooo soft!!  Thanks!

1/25/2011 – Nicole S. – Owner of Just Braids by Nicole – My customer Ingrid met with one of your reps to purchase the protein treatment. She was so very impressed by her know how. Ingrid brought the product to our scheduled appointment yesterday and seriously she actually looked in the mirror and smiled at herself, she actually looked at herself. Rapunzel is amazing for me because my clients can see a difference with in 30min. Before the product I must have had like a handful of her hair in the comb, after Rapunzel I had a couple strands in the comb she could not believe it.

1/12/2011 – Minister Sheila A. – My hair has really grown past my shoulders. Your products are awesome. Can’t wait for the shampoo.

1/11/2011 – April S. – So proud of you and your team! I love your products. I personally have had horrible dandruff ALL my life until Rapunzel and I’ve always had long, thick hair that everyone always wants to touch. I used to feel self conscious, hoping that “cornflakes” wouldn’t fall out everytime someone would touch my hair.  After a week of using, your conditioner, my dandruff completely cleared up!!! I’m so glad you and Stephanie, founder of GNO event, linked up so that I could be introduced to your products! Keep doing what your doing!

12/19/2010 – Nicole S. – Owner of Just Braids by Nicole – I met you at the last girls night out. I bought your Protein conditioner and took like a gazillion flyers. I do consults before I accept a new client and I have since done 4 consults for new clients and have included your product in my consult. I have also passed on the remaining flyers to my regulars. Everyone is amazed by the pic put I reinforced that I need them to really realize the products and the content that they are receiving. I have done a lot of research for my clients because like you I care more for my clients hair health than the average stylist. I used your product on my client this pass Saturday and we absolutely love it, her hair did everything that you said it would. She was amazed and promise to spread the word. I will be adding the Rapunzel Protein Conditioner to my Menu. My clients will contact you to purchase your products (cond/oil) and bring for use on appointment day. Until you make your shampoo, I will be using the Trader Joes Tea tree oil shampoo along with your conditioner/oil. It just makes me feel so good to support a sista who is as passonate as I am about hair. You have made my job easier. Thank you! I know by using your products that my business revenue will increase.

10/18/2010 – Shavonna T. – OMG…I am really starting to see soo much hair growth already, I am getting some serious hang time and people are really starting to notice with[out] even knowing what I am doing. It is so much easier to manage my hair now and dandruff is a thing of the past for me now I almost forgot I even had a dandruff issue. Your methods really work at the rate I am going my hair will be super long by Christmas AMAZING J

Thank you for sharing this with me!!

9/29/2010 – Jennifer W. – Just started my “journey” on Saturday & I’ve gotten so may compliments on my hair this week! Unbelievable!!

8/17/2010 – Kelly T. – I am definitely a customer for life. Lol don’t forget me when you hit the big time. The hair care industry is very competitive.  I am glad there are entrepreneurs like you that are developing products for black women.  We need products that will work on our hair and the proper techniques to accompany them.

8/11/2010 – Lakesha C. –  I’ve only been using Rapunzel for 11 days and I can already feel the difference. Another great thing is I don’t see a bunch of hair in the sink when I comb it. Yes!!!!

8/11/2010 – Marchelle C. – Thanks Rapunzel! You have allowed me to let my hair down and drop those bad habits!

8/05/2010 – Teresa T. –  No more breakage [since I’ve been] using Rapunzel and the shedding is very minimal. Getting ready to get from under this dryer now.

7/30/2010 – Jade N. – Whatever I put on my hair goes into my son’s and BF’s hair! My son actually has very dry and very curly unruly hair, and I was putting heavy grease and oil in it before. Thanks for Rapunzel; I use the same thing on him, especially a daily moisturizer w/o the mineral oil and petroleum. HUGE difference already! Thanks Rapunzel! :)

7/27/2010 – Monique W. –  My fiancé tried some Rapunzel and he likes it too. He was using suave, it has sulfate in it. I’ve tossed it to get him products that contain moisture in it.

7/25/2010 – Adrienne L. – Just used the conditioner for the first time today! I Looove it!!!!!!! My new growth is so soft and it seems like the wave/curl is looser.

7/15/2010 – Kelly T. – Just finished doing my hair and I must say I love the conditioner, wow I really liked the stimulation it gave my scalp and I like the feel of my hair after I rinsed it out. This is a keeper. Def. will be ordering some more to help me get through this transition.

7/02/2010 – Agnes S. – Just received my bottle today cannot wait to put it to use!!! Thanks again!

6/08/2010 – Monique W. – I’m on my way to a great start with hair reconstruction. I tried Rapunzel; its a wonderful tingly feeling, I didn’t want to wash it out. Plus [sitting] under the dryer will help with the process. I’m off to a great start. Thank you so much for your help and assistance.

6/06/2010 – Soni W. – I’m washing my eight year olds hair and she says “Mom I told my friend about Rapunzel and she thought it was a fairy tale, and I told her it’s about hair care” so I said what do you like about Rapunzel and she said “The color, the smell, and the bottle!’” Even she knows the difference between the old conditioner and Rapunzel! Thanks again for this product, we love it. I’m trying it on my 5 year old also (she has a softer texture of hair) and anticipate great results as well. I’m loving how soft and un-dry their hair is. I’m going to need a bigger bottle! No more pink luster or jam, your conditioner really adds shine and makes their hair more manageable. I’m doing my eldest with a rat tail comb with no problem…you have no idea how good it feels to not have her crying and my fingers aren’t all cut up from trying to work with dry hair. You have clients for life and I haven’t used it on me yet!

6/03/2010 – Tekisha W. – I used Rapunzel on my sister’s hair for the first time yesterday. She noticed right away a difference. Her hair was soft and she could comb right through it. After we styled it we noticed how much moisture was in it. I will def be purchasing some tomorrow.

06/01/2010 – Soni W. – ok so my daughter is eight soon to be nine…..tough tight long hair that I avoid washing (love her father for doing this) at all costs……so got my first bottle washed her hair with the normal shampoo broke out Rapunzel….the MINUTE I put it on her hair it soaked it up and shined. I wasn’t convinced, so I do something I never do….yes ladies I broke out the comb…and IT WENT THROUGH WITHOUT HURTING HER!!!! I have tears in my eyes; I could comb my child’s hair while wet. WORTH EVERY PENNY AND MORE….THANK YOU THANK YOU!

05/26/2010 – Charis G. – I love Rapunzel, I used it on my male friend’s hair before I braided it…lovely. The process was so much easier and more manageable than usual. Now we have to get some for him, cause he is not about to be using my entire bottle. LOL

05/25/2010 – Tywanda H. – I just started using Rapunzel today. My hair feels amazingly soft. It’s still wet. Waiting to feel how it feels after it dries.

05/16/2010 – Charis G. – I used my Rapunzel Conditioner for the very first time yesterday and already love it. Can’t wait to continue use and see beautiful results. Go Rapunzel!

04/27/2010 – De’Shaun C. – Thanks Rapunzel you made my hair feel so soft and Fab.

04/21/2010 – Tina R. – Asia and I are trying RAPUNZEL and it feels so Good!!!


04/15/2010 – Teresa T. – First time user on Tuesday evening… no problems whatsoever combing out hair while wet. Hair is very soft- looks and feels well hydrated, not oily or weighed down. My goal is to be consistent with the program- looking forward to achieving results! Thanks for your time and tips!

04/12/2010 – Carlena W. – Used my Rapunzel conditioner for the first time today and I LOVED IT!!!!!! My hair feels sooooo good!!!! Can’t wait to see what happens and where this goes!!! Thanks Rapunzel…

04/10/2010 – Paula C. – Love it! Love it! Love it! The conditioner met all of my expectations. It even untangled my hair with [no] problem.

04/04/2010 – Shyree S. – Just finished Using conditioner for the first time and WOOOOOOW my hair is incredibly soft! U have a customer for life! THANKS Rapunzel!

03/29/2010 – Ebony T. – I let my hair AIR DRY then used my flat iron. I had a lot LESS breakage and shedding hair when I used the conditioner! I even had less tangles when combing through my hair too!! This is an OUTSTANDING product ;)


03/29/2010 – Ebony T. –  Sooooooooooo I used my Rapunzel for the 1st time last night and I LOVED IT!!!!! I felt a nice tingling sensation, it smelled good, and as soon as I rinsed it out my hair felt great! I have ALWAYS let my hair air dry, so I am in that process now. But when it is done drying later this afternoon I will post a picture of my hair after using Rapunzel!!!!!

03/28/2010 – Chanel S. –  Are you coming out with a shampoo? I love the conditioner…GO RAPUNZEL

03/27/2010 – Latrice T. – I conditioned my hair today with Rapunzel and it helped detangle as well as maintain softness in my hair well after drying ;) …I needed all the moisture and softness I could get…lol Great Product (two thumbs up)

03/24/2010 – Daynell W. – So ladies if you haven’t gotten your bottle yet do so ASAP. What are you waiting for? I tried Rapunzel last night following all the steps and let me tell you my hair feels, looks and smells GREAT!!! Soft, shiny and I have the wind in my hair look going on.

03/22/2010 – Lakeisha J. – I have not put any oil in my hair since Thursday!! Good and shiny!!♥ Rapunzel!!!

03/22/2010 – Chante B. – I love the minty, tingly feeling it gives while it conditions.  I feel good about this.

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